Monday, September 30, 2013

SCKLM 2013 Result

Finally, Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 is officially completed.
I have missed last year event. But, not this time.
In conjunction with the biggest marathon in KL, Rapid KL is readjusting their train services. The first train service is started at 3am. What a good news to all of the runners! 

Right now, we can check our running result which is extracted from our running bib.
What are the information we can get from the running bib?

1. Placement charts
- Demonstrate your finish position are crafted so that the location of the pointer along the base line is proportional to your finishing place. In some circumstances, these charts may reflect very small numbers of entrants. 

2. Speed and Split Times
- Split times indicated are your average for the entire event. It is a personal result which is independent of the results of others in the event. It is calculated by using data captured from personal timing chips. Average speed values are calculated similarly.

3. Bird's Eye View of finish line
- View is able to see the time-location of and information about yourself and co-finishers by resting the mouse pointer over the colored dots. It has limited accuracy in terms of the positions of the dots. The view is actually based on time (rather than distance), and is accurate only in the way the green dot (you) relates to all the other red/yellow/blue dots in terms of time. This means that each red/yellow/blue dot is precisely placed in relation to you (green) in terms of seconds. However if you consider the location a single red/yellow/blue dot compared to another red/yellow/blue dot, the position shown represents only an approximation. This chart is based on actual time of finishing.

4. Location on course
- Location on the course when others finished is calculated from a comparison of your time against the leaders' times. Chip time calculations take account of the time you spent behind the start line at the beginning, and also permit us to factor in your varying speeds along the journey.

5. Comparison with other results
- Record may show number gender or category. Definitions can also contribute to differences in data. For example, the finish order graphics could be calculated on the basis of your place in the field of starters or alternatively the field of finishers. 

6. Count of runners you passed
Count is derived from Bib numbers ahead and behind you at the two locations. Accordingly a runner who passed you, but was subsequently passed by you, will not be included. This count is dependent upon the accuracy of all runners timing devices - not just your own.

What are you waiting for? Fast check it out!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Give Yourself Some Time to Review Your Life

Have you ever review your life? What have you achieved? What do you want to achieve? What you need to do to improve or reduce?

If you were prepare to change yourself and your life, please follow the following blog posts which I will summarize the gist of Today Matters by John C Maxwell.

Norm of stage of life is from studying at primary and secondary schools hard to make yourself step into a reputed university. After graduated from university with a degree, so that it can guarantee you to get yourself a job. Eventually, the job can help you to repay the loan you applied for studying university previously. After that, you will build your own family with your love one. Debts and burdens are accumulated from time to time, since your responsibilities are increased with the different roles you played. And, life is still going on, while you are struggling with the repeated thing.

Quote from Book "Today Matters", pg 19, "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily". What you do today will determine your tomorrow. But, the question is how can we use TODAY to success?

It is depends on how you react to your life, whether you are reactive or proactive. What makes the difference? If you were proactive person, you will prepare for for tomorrow. Otherwise, you will repair what gives to tomorrow. (Still unable to figure out the situation?)

As mentioned previously, there are twelve areas, "Today Matters", pg24
1. Attitude: Choose and display the right attitudes daily
2. Priorities: Determine and act on important priorities daily
3. Health: Know and follow healthy guidelines daily
4. Family: Communicate with and care for my family daily
5. Thinking: Practice and develop good thinking daily
6. Commitment: Make and keep proper commitment daily
7. Finances: Make and properly manage dollars daily
8. Faith Deepen and live out my faith daily
9. Relationships: Initiate and invest in solid relationships daily
10. Generosity: Plan for and model generosity daily
11. Values: Embrace and practice good values daily
12. Growth: Seek and experience improvements daily
These may help you making decision without emotion and managing your life easier.

What is the secret of making you success in those areas?
Discipline. Once you have made decision to start to change your life and yourself. Only consistently practice the discipline may compound the effect of practice in concerned areas.

What should you need to do now?
First, review your decisions made and areas that you want to change.
Second, select one of those decisions and determine to make it this week. Focus on one area at a time to make a great step improvement. Instead of attempt yourself to several areas.
Third, self-discipline in the target area is a must to help you create a new practice in your daily life.
Fourth, the process is repeated until you have mastered each of the areas.

Now, people is living in a world filled with a lot of information, either they are true or false. People is spending a lot of time to reading, listening, filtering, analyzing and so on. However, they are not spending time for themselves to listen to their heart. Ask themselves deep inside their heart, what exactly they lack of, they need. Do it early, success is accumulated from each of steps taken.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Does Today Matters Help?

Everyone is looking forward to create success in future. However, author of Today Matters, John C Maxwell found that there are several common misconceptions in how people respond to success.

Myth of Success?
1. People tend to criticize success, since most of them think it is impossible. 
2. No magic hidden behind success. But, people tend to search for the shortest path to success.
3. People hope for luck to success, but, the chance of getting success by luck is almost same as winning lottery.
4. Hard work is not equivalent to success. (Yes, hard work may bring you success, but, not always right)
5. Most of the people are waiting an opportunity comes to success. The truth is an opportunity can't guarantee your success, since success comes with many contributing factors.
6. "Success is the power with which to acquire whatever one demands of life without violating the rights of others", power manipulating is not a tool to guarantee you success.
7. A good networking can help you success?? No, it don't. If you simply believe that networking with all powerful and good people can bring you success, please remove your way of thinking. These people may help you along the way of success, but, they can't guarantee you can success.
8. Does recognition equal to success? 
9. People schedule their success, since they believe it is an event. 

Why Today?
Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow has a lot of uncertainty. The only thing we can do and change is Today. That's why John C Maxwell want to bring up how important TODAY is. But, how do we fully utilize our TODAY?

He has suggested us daily agenda which we can look at every day
1. Attitude
2. Priorities
3. Health
4. Family
5. Thinking
6. Commitment
7. Finance
8. Faith
9. Relationship
10. Generosity
11. Value
12. Growth

In the coming chapter, he will teach us in detailed how we can success in any one of the agendas.

Saturday, September 7, 2013




续上次在老招牌(Selayang Branch)用餐后,这次到了他家的另一个分店,Rampai Business Park。
哈哈!便宜到笑,老招牌为了回馈忠实的顾客,展开了一角钱的嘉年华,分别在两个分行举办。6, 7, 8 September 2013 在Rampai Business Park的分店。20, 21, 22 September 2013 在Selayang的分店。










Canton Kitchen (Selayang Branch)
Address: 12, Jalan Rampai Niaga 4, Rampai Business Park, 53300 Setapak, KL
Tel: 03-41498802

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Singapore ~ What is the Difference?

Spending two days in Singapore, you will found and experience something different from Malaysia.

What is the difference?

1. Cleanliness of Singapore City is impressive. Streets, lanes, parks, residential areas, industry areas all are clean. They are unlikely to see any rubbish scattered around. You know why? I found that there are a lot of rubbish bin or places allow you to dispose waste. This is hardly found in Malaysia. Based on my personal experience, I have to keep the waste by walking more than 15-20 minutes for searching a rubbish bin. Normally, people choose to throw it whenever they want to.

2. Pedestrian is always prioritize by other road users. Ten out of ten times, when I am crossing the road, either on zebra or small street, drivers are ready to stop their vehicles and allow you to cross the road. Unfortunately, we can't find this culture in Malaysia. You better take care yourself when you are on the road, in order to protect yourself from snatch theft, reckless drivers.

3. A compliment to the taxi service in Singapore. The convenience of getting a cab at taxi stand or by the road side is within 5 minutes or less. Their cab is clean, spacious and comfortable. They are using Toyota, Hyundai and other imported car as a cab. The taxi fare is fair and clear. All of them are metered taxi equipped with receipt machine. Thus, no bargain, once flagged off, the meter is started.

4. Their transportation system is well planned than Malaysia. This may be due to the size of the country compare to Malaysia is small. They have electronic sign boards which is showing estimated time heading to another destination.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flower in Tin ~ 易开罐花卉

Flower in Tin 也是易开罐花卉。这是在台湾基隆夜市发现的一个新奇的玩意。羽钜股份有限公司(YU CHYU CO LTD) 开发了不少产品,也拥有了多项多国的专利。主要获得的专利包括了在豆子上雕刻文字或图案,花卉培养密封罐,还有魔蛋。羽钜股份有限公司分别在日本与美国都有分公司。





说到了易开罐花卉(Flower in Tin)便是在台湾基隆夜市发现的新大陆了。他们家研发了许多种类,包括辣椒,香草植物,蔬果植物,特殊植物与树木类(比如圣诞树)圣诞树?可以吗?,当然少不了花卉。从基隆夜市收罗回来的是花卉啦。图下的是三色堇花语是祝福,生活能够甜美快乐。栽培时要注意的不外是



Fax: 886-5-2693660

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Singapore ~ Balestier Road (Whampoa Food Court)

Walk from Kim Keat Lane, Whampoa Food Court is located 2 minutes walking distance from Sweetlands Confectionery. 

Whampoa Food Court

Whampoa Food Court has two sections. One section is a market place for fresh vegetable, fruit, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, egg, dry condiments, flowers, clothes and more.

Another section is a place where all hawkers are offering different types of cuisine (Teow Chew, Hokkien, Muslim, Indian, Vegetarian, and etc) to visitors, residents, workers. Price of food is reasonable. Do visit this food court with your friends as well, because you need more people so that you can taste varieties of dish.