Monday, November 4, 2013

Mont Kiara ~ Ola! Barbeque Garden

Malaysia is a place of food heaven. You can taste different types of cuisine in Malaysia. Asian, Europe, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and more. 

Mont Kiara is a place where most of the Korean stayed. Most of the staffs from Samsung Electronic, Samsung Telecommunications are staying nearby. It is a place where most of the shops and restaurants are run by Korean. Korean food mart, Korean restaurant, Korean clinic, Korean car wash centre, Korean education centre and more. Even, their night market also run by Korean mostly.

I bet most of us have tried Korean food before. And, most of the food that you all tried must be Korean Barbeque, Bibimbap, 

The interior of the restaurant is decorated like a garden.

A small bowl of soup (garbanzo beans) is served initially.

Banchan (Korean side dishes), meat platters (duck, beef, pork), tofu, salad. Meats are great if you dipped with Ssamjang (Korean spicy soy bean paste sauce).

Banchan is small dishes of food served along with main dish in Korean cuisine. I personally prefer Banchan than Korean main dish. There are several types of Banchan such as Kimchi (fermented vegetables with chili peppers and salt), Namul (steamed, marinated, stir-fried vegetables with sesame oil, salt, vinegar, minced garlic, chopped green onions, dried chili peppers, soy sauce), Bokkeum (stir-fried with sauce), Jorim (dish simmered in seasoned broth), Jjim (steamed dish), Jeon (pan-fried dish) and others (korean style salad, japchae).

There are two types of kimchi is served here: the normal Nabak Kimchi we usually have in Korean restaurant (on top of the Korean Salad), another type of Kimchi, called Kimchi Bokkeum (stir-fried Kimchi) is served as a side dish with the tofu (on the right of Korean Salad). Kimchi Bokkeum is more flavourful compare to Nabak Kimchi.

  Korean salad with garlic and yogurt dressings

Japchae (Sweet potato noodles stir fried with various vegetables). Great taste of sesame oil, Korean style of 蚂蚁上树.

We have ordered two cold noodles and two korean rice bowl as our main dish. One Cold noodle on top is 
Mul Naengmyun (Korean Cold Noodle with vinegary ice-cold broth). Noodle is sweet potato noodle top with several thin slices of radish, cucumbers, boiled egg and some white sesame. This dish is came with two bottles of sauce. One is vinegar, another is wasabi sauce, which allowed you to add into soup. The broth of the soup is great, especially after adding wasabi sauce. 

Kong Gooksu (Cold Garbanzo bean Noodle soup). The broth of soup is same as the soup served initially. Drinking the soup individually is great, but, when you are eating with the noodles, the texture of the noodles becomes very starchy.

  Bibimbap (Korean rice bowl with vegetables)

After eating so much of side dishes (refillable), quota of stomach is actually hit the par. Thank god that the serving portion is small. 

Another kind of experience of tasting Korean cuisine, no smoky and oily Barbeque. But, a green and refreshing food which is light to our tummy.


Ola! Barbeque Garden 
Address: J-01-12 Soho KL Solaris, 
Mont Kiara, Jalan Solaris, 
50480 KL 
Tel: 03-62114971, 016-2467152 
Facebook: Ola! Barbeque Garden

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Terengganu (Kuala Terengganu) ~ Pasar Payang

Haha, another market again.
Whenever I step into a new place, either local or international. One of the place I definitely will go is their market, either morning market or night market.  

This is the best way and the fastest way to learn the locals' culture.  

What they eat?
How they speak?

Pasar Payang is a market which is located nearby Terengganu river.
Basically, it is same as Pasar Siti Khadijah at Kelantan.
It is a market which sells meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables. Dry condiments such as keropok lekor, nuts, rice, ready-to-go food

Ground floor is place where all ingredients are sold. The time when I reach Pasar Payang is almost closed. 

These kuih muih are hardly found in KL. I'm not fond of these. It is because most of their food is really sweet. And, if you were order their "teh tarik kurang manis", please be prepared that it is not "kurang manis" at all. The best way is "teh o kosong". 
Please refer the guide of 
How to customize your drink in Malaysia
(applicable to most of the local kopitiam, mamak stall) 

First floor is the place where handicrafts such as batik, silk, songket, brassware are sold. Parking lots are available. No picture is taken, since I'm rushing to China Town.








1. Kopi/ Teh - Coffee/ Tea + condensed milk
2. Kopi/ Teh O - Coffee/ Tea + sugar
3. Kopi/ Teh O Kosong - Coffee/ Tea only
4. Kopi/ Teh Beng - Iced Coffee/ Tea 
5. Kopi/ Teh C - Coffee/ Tea + evaporated condensed milk
6. Kopi Gao - Strong brew of Coffee
7. Cham - Coffee + Tea

 Tips is you know the keywords 
1. O - No milk
2. Kosong - No sugar
3. Beng - Iced
4. C - evaporated milk
5. Gao - Strong 

这些都是因为多元文化所造成的。O,Beng,Gao都是福建话,Kosong是马来话,C是一个evaporated condensed milk 的牌子,Cxrnxtion。