Saturday, August 10, 2013

Plate Culture

Introducing you a new dining culture at Malaysia, Plate Culture. This is a new platform for those who are enjoy in cooking and also those who are indulge in home cooked food.

Still can't get it?

So, what is PlateCulture?

"PlateCulture is a marketplace that connects people who love cooking and hosting dinners and those who love eating authentic home cooked meal while traveling in new places. Each dinner is an unique experience where people share food, learn new things and build friendships all over the world.

Guest have a unique opportunity to try authentic home cooked dinner while having a quality time with host and getting a real picture of the place they are traveling in.

Hosts can showcase their cooking skills and meet interesting people not leaving their kitchen. Literally, we fit entire world in your kitchen."

~adapted from PlateCulture~

Thus, we can consider PlateCulture is providing us a platform either to become a host by disclosing your secret recipe and your kitchen to anyone who is looking for authentic food, who is looking for culture sharing, who is looking for new friends and more. 

Are you wondering how to become a host?

Think of delicious dinner recipe that you would like to prepare, plan the dates when you would like to host the dinner and send an email to us at PlateCulture will assign their foodie team to come over to get to know you better and enjoy your delicious cooking.

Erm, I have to bear all the cost for hosting a meal?

Nope, guest will pay you directly by cash on that day. And, the cost of meal should depends on what you are preparing for dinner and what ingredients you use. Set the price per one portion and invite as many people as you can accommodate for the dinner. Price should based on the cost of ingredients and compensation for time spent cooking and cleaning. Most importantly, be transparent and honest.

Or you prefer to become a guest?

It’s simple and free. Register your email and PlateCulture will personally invite you to hosting a dinner or reserve a dinner. But, they are screening all registrations one by one to ensure the quality.

Are you sure the food is nice and worth for tasting?

Don't worry, PlateCulture team personally visits all the hosts and tastes their home cooking. Also we strongly encourage every guest who attends a PlateCulture event to write a review about their experience. 

For more information, you can visit their 
Official Website: PlateCulture


How I get to know about this?

I'm a loyal blog reader of Kelly Siew Cooks. From her blog, I'm learning about this new dining culture. I'm really impressed that Kelly Siew who is good in cooking works as a doctor at Melbourne for three years before she come back to Malaysia to work as a song writer and singer. Such a interesting woman, she is hosting brunch and dinner for both Chinese and Western style. 

~Bon Appetit~

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