Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Suki-Ya ~ Eat All You Can Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu

Oh ya, I went for steamboat again. SUKI-YA

There are three branches located at KL. Pavillion KL, Paradigm Mall, and Mont Kiara. I always found this restaurant is having a long queue at Pavillion KL. I'm so curious what is so special about this restaurant.

Suki-Ya is a Japanese style steamboat, or what they called shabu shabu or sukiyaki. They are trying to promote a concept of healthy diet. Therefore, you can find a bunch vegetables, mushrooms, bean curds at healthy bar. Besides that, free flow of freshly sliced meat (beef, chicken and lamb) are available. This is a pork free restaurant.


Two types of ice-cream (Chocolate & Green Tea) with three types of toppings (chocolate chips, corn flakes, and Nata de coco) serves using cone or cup.

4 types of soup (from top to bottom)
1) Kimochi - A mildly spicy soup made with authentic Kimchi base, spicy Miso and various vegetable base. Enjoy it with spicy Miso sauce, hot pepper or garlic. Not really kimchi taste, but alike.
2) Miso - Soup using miso which is made from fermented soybeans, full of antioxidants like vitamin E, as well as protective fatty acids.
3) Shabu Shabu - Low calories and light on the palate, wafer thin slices of meat dipped into simmering konbu broth and cooked for a few seconds is popular in shabu-shabu.
4) Sukiyaki - Cooked in a sweetened soy-sauce broth, sukiyaki is a favourite of both the young and old.
I personally like miso soup.

Don't worry how to enjoy your sukiyaki. 
Step 1: Fill 1/2 pot with your choice of soup and bring it to boil
Step 2: Add leek and onion or other vegetable for best flavour
Step 3: Deep thinly sliced meat into boiling soup. Once ready, dip meat into beaten raw egg and begin to enjoy
Step 4: Lastly, add udon or rice to the remaining soup and enjoy the rick flavor of soup

They provide you tips to taste their food. 

Several suggestions for dipping sauce
1) Ponzu (Soy sauce with vinegar) - Suitable for vegetables. Add grated radish and chopped spring onion to your preference. To spiced it up, add chopped chilies. 
2) Gomatare (Sesame sauce) - Suitable for all ingredients. 
3) Misotare (Bean paste sauce) - Suitable for meat. Good on it's own. Add spring onion, garlic or chopped chilies to your preference.

Both Ponzu (left) and Misotare (right) are serves readily. For Gomatare, you may need to request from staff.

Address: L1-16, 1 Mont Kiara Mall, No1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 KL
Tel: 03-62035238

Charges for Suki-Ya is taken from their official website. In my opinion, this is the first steamboat buffet which doesn't provide you much selection. 

The only free flow drink is green tea (either hot or cold). We order RM2 of green tea, after tax, it costs around RM43++ per head. If you were asking me whether it is worth to eat, I will say NO! It is because of limited choice of dishes, though they are putting a big slogan ~ EAT ALL U CAN 
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