Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Does Today Matters Help?

Everyone is looking forward to create success in future. However, author of Today Matters, John C Maxwell found that there are several common misconceptions in how people respond to success.

Myth of Success?
1. People tend to criticize success, since most of them think it is impossible. 
2. No magic hidden behind success. But, people tend to search for the shortest path to success.
3. People hope for luck to success, but, the chance of getting success by luck is almost same as winning lottery.
4. Hard work is not equivalent to success. (Yes, hard work may bring you success, but, not always right)
5. Most of the people are waiting an opportunity comes to success. The truth is an opportunity can't guarantee your success, since success comes with many contributing factors.
6. "Success is the power with which to acquire whatever one demands of life without violating the rights of others", power manipulating is not a tool to guarantee you success.
7. A good networking can help you success?? No, it don't. If you simply believe that networking with all powerful and good people can bring you success, please remove your way of thinking. These people may help you along the way of success, but, they can't guarantee you can success.
8. Does recognition equal to success? 
9. People schedule their success, since they believe it is an event. 

Why Today?
Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow has a lot of uncertainty. The only thing we can do and change is Today. That's why John C Maxwell want to bring up how important TODAY is. But, how do we fully utilize our TODAY?

He has suggested us daily agenda which we can look at every day
1. Attitude
2. Priorities
3. Health
4. Family
5. Thinking
6. Commitment
7. Finance
8. Faith
9. Relationship
10. Generosity
11. Value
12. Growth

In the coming chapter, he will teach us in detailed how we can success in any one of the agendas.

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