Thursday, September 5, 2013

Singapore ~ What is the Difference?

Spending two days in Singapore, you will found and experience something different from Malaysia.

What is the difference?

1. Cleanliness of Singapore City is impressive. Streets, lanes, parks, residential areas, industry areas all are clean. They are unlikely to see any rubbish scattered around. You know why? I found that there are a lot of rubbish bin or places allow you to dispose waste. This is hardly found in Malaysia. Based on my personal experience, I have to keep the waste by walking more than 15-20 minutes for searching a rubbish bin. Normally, people choose to throw it whenever they want to.

2. Pedestrian is always prioritize by other road users. Ten out of ten times, when I am crossing the road, either on zebra or small street, drivers are ready to stop their vehicles and allow you to cross the road. Unfortunately, we can't find this culture in Malaysia. You better take care yourself when you are on the road, in order to protect yourself from snatch theft, reckless drivers.

3. A compliment to the taxi service in Singapore. The convenience of getting a cab at taxi stand or by the road side is within 5 minutes or less. Their cab is clean, spacious and comfortable. They are using Toyota, Hyundai and other imported car as a cab. The taxi fare is fair and clear. All of them are metered taxi equipped with receipt machine. Thus, no bargain, once flagged off, the meter is started.

4. Their transportation system is well planned than Malaysia. This may be due to the size of the country compare to Malaysia is small. They have electronic sign boards which is showing estimated time heading to another destination.

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