Monday, September 30, 2013

SCKLM 2013 Result

Finally, Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 is officially completed.
I have missed last year event. But, not this time.
In conjunction with the biggest marathon in KL, Rapid KL is readjusting their train services. The first train service is started at 3am. What a good news to all of the runners! 

Right now, we can check our running result which is extracted from our running bib.
What are the information we can get from the running bib?

1. Placement charts
- Demonstrate your finish position are crafted so that the location of the pointer along the base line is proportional to your finishing place. In some circumstances, these charts may reflect very small numbers of entrants. 

2. Speed and Split Times
- Split times indicated are your average for the entire event. It is a personal result which is independent of the results of others in the event. It is calculated by using data captured from personal timing chips. Average speed values are calculated similarly.

3. Bird's Eye View of finish line
- View is able to see the time-location of and information about yourself and co-finishers by resting the mouse pointer over the colored dots. It has limited accuracy in terms of the positions of the dots. The view is actually based on time (rather than distance), and is accurate only in the way the green dot (you) relates to all the other red/yellow/blue dots in terms of time. This means that each red/yellow/blue dot is precisely placed in relation to you (green) in terms of seconds. However if you consider the location a single red/yellow/blue dot compared to another red/yellow/blue dot, the position shown represents only an approximation. This chart is based on actual time of finishing.

4. Location on course
- Location on the course when others finished is calculated from a comparison of your time against the leaders' times. Chip time calculations take account of the time you spent behind the start line at the beginning, and also permit us to factor in your varying speeds along the journey.

5. Comparison with other results
- Record may show number gender or category. Definitions can also contribute to differences in data. For example, the finish order graphics could be calculated on the basis of your place in the field of starters or alternatively the field of finishers. 

6. Count of runners you passed
Count is derived from Bib numbers ahead and behind you at the two locations. Accordingly a runner who passed you, but was subsequently passed by you, will not be included. This count is dependent upon the accuracy of all runners timing devices - not just your own.

What are you waiting for? Fast check it out!

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