Thursday, April 18, 2013

How You Can Get Rich from the Property and Stock Markets

How You Can Get Rich From the Property and Stock Markets 
Author: Milan Doshi
ISBN: 9789834166205
Retail Price: RM49.90

Basically, what Milan Doshi trying to convey in this book can be divided into two parts:
First part is some fundamental concept that beginner should know. 
Second part is some basic knowledge about property and stock market.

Quick View:

1. How Money is Made?
Yes, of course from our hard earned money. How about passive income? We can make it from rental, portfolio (e.g, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits, investment linked insurance policies, etc), multi-level marketing or franchise and any other methods.

2. What is passive income?
Normally, potential return is proportional to risk of investment. The safest method is fixed deposit which around 3% p.a. of return. The method that is emphasized by the author is property and stock market which give around 10% p.a and 20-30% p.a. respectively. 

3. First step to get rich is?
Develop your personal investment profile. Yes, you must identify your goal and how much level of risk that you can sustain. Of course, your financial background (capability and financial obligation) and financial IQ are taken into consideration too. 

4. Property vs Stock Market?
A quick comparison between property and stock market in terms of expenses, risks and returns. (I shall not reveal too much, if you are interested, please get it from bookstore)

It is a quick and easy guide for those who are interested to step into investment other than fixed income. Short notes and big font which never put you into sleep especially for those who hate to read.

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