Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Ultimate Guide to Achieve Financial Freedom: Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Roadmap to Financial Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Achieve Financial Freedom
Author: Yap Ming Hui
ISBN: 9789834172442
Retail Price: RM39.90

Basically, I can divide this book into two parts. First part is related how financial freedom meant to you. Second part is telling you 12 real-life examples how they achieve their financial freedom regardless of their financial background.

Quick View:
1. What is Financial Freedom?
In this book, financial freedom is defined as a optimum position which you can enjoy your financial needs and wants with your wealth.

2. Key Elements of Financial Freedom?
There are 5 key elements 
    a) Spending 
    b) Inflation 
    c) Return on Investment (ROI) 
    d) Time 
    e) Saving  
These elements are essential for you to define your roadmap to financial freedom. You must know what you want and need in a certain time frame by looking at your lifestyle included spending, investment and saving.

3. Case Studies
There are 12 case studies which author Yap Ming Hui will relate their financial needs and wants with the 5 key elements in order to help them to achieve financial freedom. 

Everyone is looking a optimum way to achieve their financial freedom. For those who are interested to look for financial freedom you may have a quick peek in this book. It may inspire you. But, if you were looking for tips for getting rich, then, you may need to look for others.

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