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The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
Author: John C Maxwell
ISBN: 9781455522231
Retail Price: RM48.50

As entitled this book comprised of 15 valuable laws regarding ways of growing. It comprises of the potential problems or gaps that we will be encountering during our growing path. Also, how can we apply them in our lives. 

Quick View:
1. The Law of Intentionality
Yes, growth doesn't just happened. Before step into the path of growing, you should have the intention of growth by asking yourself question (Wh questions). 

2. The Law of Awareness
After we have the intentional to grow, we should know ourselves very well before we can proceed. Again, Wh questions can help you to find out the answer. Basically, the intention of asking yourself questions is to trigger yourself to look for which area you seek for growing, why you want to grow, how you do it and so on.

3. The Law of Mirror
Questioning yourself isn't sufficient. Indeed, you must have a positive self-esteem (which allow you to value yourself. Then, you only can add value to yourself.

4. The Law of Reflection
In the process of growing, we have to take time to pause in order to allow yourself to review and understand what we have learned along the way. We can implement any changes or corrections when we are evaluating experience.

5. The Law of Consistency
Habit is a powerful tool to make you success. It is because success is accumulated with each step you taken. Thus, it is important for us to develop good habit and exercise it long term. In the end, we can harvest the result.

6. The Law of Environment
A positive environment is essential to grow yourself. However, environment is out of our control. We can change ourselves towards environment in the middle of striving for our growth whichever our surrounding is (either good or bad).

7. The Law of Design
With a strong intention of growth and goal of you aimed for, an effective system or plan is needed to make sure you are heading the right way to achieve your goal. An effective system should have include measurement, implementation, organization. And, evaluate the developed system from time to time.

8. The Law of Pain
Yes, all of us will be encountering bad experiences in the process of growing. The key point is the attitude of dealing and managing the bad experiences. We can grow faster if we can seek the opportunity in the midst of pain and turn that into gain, as sayings go "no pain, no gain".

9. The Law of the Ladder
Character growth makes sure a continual and lasting success which it aligns inside and outside of our lives. As mentioned in the law of consistency, develop habit of character growth allows us to expand our skills and minds. 

10. The Law of the Rubber Band
You must believe that your potential is not reached the limit yet. You should keep stretching yourself by kicking out yourself from your comfort zone. Therefore, you should first identify where is your comfort zone. Identify the gap and take this as your challenge. Your greatest enemy is you!

11. The Law of Trade-Offs
Give and take. We must learn to select and trade for each of every opportunity we meet in our lives. Each growth earns a price which you should decide whether it is worth to pay for. 

12. The Law of Curiosity
Curiosity killed the cat, a person who always ask question is able to grow faster than those giving answer. 

13. The Law of Modeling
We can grow though we are following the law of growth. However, it is hard to achieve a higher level of growth if we don't have any model to follow. It is advisable to find and select mentor with good characteristics to guide and lead in the process of growing.

14. The Law of Expansion
We shall not limit our potential, but, we should increase our capacity. How? First our thinking and mindset play an important role. Second, we should take correct and immediate action.

15. The Law of Contribution
Quote from the book, "Your life is like a teacup, flowing over. There's no room for anything new. You need to pour out, not take more in", we have to learn to give. We can learn and grow when we are giving and contributing to others.

I should say that John C Maxwell is a good mentor. And, I read this book more than one time. It is worth of owning it and review it whenever you found yourself are lost.

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